I feel like, on some level, most of us are looking for an answer without really knowing the question. The solution that turns the tide in our mind, delivering the win. That intangible something that brings a larger sense of contentment.

We'll see success in others and smile, hoping we can glean a sense of how "someone like us" can—forgetting the amounts of opportunity or "luck" that played into it—duplicate that success. We want a bite-sized piece of information we can take away on our path to victory. (With any luck, this is also right about when reality sets in.)

Life is experience. Life is enduring and learning and adapting. It's coming to understand and process the lows in your day-to-day so you can truly appreciate the highs. The road has many twists and turns, but you still find a way—one day at a time.

We all struggle with these sorts of things. We all struggle with "should I or shouldn't I" when the truth is almost always: "five minutes ago when you first thought about this, that's when you should have gone with your gut."

You can take back your five minutes right now. Start. Do something and be proud that you took action.

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