A high-level glimpse at my life as of early-February 2023

Photo by Christin Hume / Unsplash

I’ve always enjoyed getting a taste of the media that others enjoy. Discoveries they’ve made, or thoughts in general on what they’re looking for next. Here’s where my attention is going as of late. ↓

Reading 📚

I’ve learned that I like to have 3-4 books on tap for active reading, and I tend not to get laser-focused or lost in the pages of just one (though I do love it when that happens.) I’ll frequently bounce between printed copies, eBook, and audiobook versions.

  • Feck Perfuction
    A strong and succinct reminder of several elements central to a creative life well lived.
  • The Peripheral
    This book was recently made into a series by Amazon (and is was on my actively-watching list below.) More to come on this one.
  • Assassin’s Apprentice
    Suggested to me by a close friend, this is a fantasy novel by Robin Hobb, part of a trilogy (which I’m told is well worth the investment.)
  • The Silmarillion
    Long a fan of the Jackson LOTR trilogy, I’ve wanted (and tried) to dive into Tolkein’s Legendarium many times. I’m making a more concerted effort now, particularly after thoroughly enjoying the Rings of Power series from Amazon and the insightful Rings and Realms.

Watching 📺

I’ve noticed that I tend to be a good few years behind the mass viewing of any given show that’s all the rage, but now and again, I’ll get pulled into one I make an effort for. The same can typically be said for movies. (Speaking of movies, my Letterboxd profile dives deeper.)

  • Foundation AppleTV+
    This is my second time through (primarily influenced by a recent season 2 teaser.)
  • The Last of Us HBO
    I never played the game(s), but I’m very familiar with the storyline and excited to see where it goes. Fantastic music.


Recently ☑️

  • The Expanse Amazon
  • Resolution Film
  • The Endless Film
  • The Peripheral Amazon
  • Andor Disney+
  • Squid Game Netflix
  • Annihilation Film
  • EEAAO Film
  • The Menu Film

Playing 🎮

I’ve been a fan of video games since they were a thing (part of the just-after-Atari/NES generation). While my diet and time spent on it have changed considerably, I love the type of experience and story that only video “games” deliver.

  • Outer Wilds XSX
    This is a summary I feel you’ll frequently run into if you’re reading up on or researching Outer Wilds: it’s a fantastic experience, and the less you know about it, the better.
  • Tunic XSX
    A charming, challenging, and engaging experience. Very near the end, but it’s had me hooked since the start (which was similar to Outer Wilds... a little confusing. But worth pushing through.)

Otherwise enjoying and appreciating

  • PNW Winter ’23 weather Of all things, the cold weather. Before coming back to Seattle, I spent a good several years down in LA. I loved the weather, but I missed the seasons and opportunities to layer, bundle up, and enjoy the brisk outdoors.  Well then. Spring and an early summer sure delivered that vibe a quick death.