• Visual Studio Code • I resisted using it for some time (for no good reason.) After giving it a go once Atom development stopped, I’m more than happy with the change.
  • Transmit • Interfacing with [insert remote storage system here]
  • Ivory + Elk for Mastodon • I've been a huge fan of Tapbots (folks behind Ivory) since the very first releases of Tweetbot for Twitter. Elk is a more recent discovery—an actively developed and well-polished web interface (desktop or mobile.)
  • Notion • I've had this semi-annual ritual of giving Notion a trial run to see if I could find value in its malleable chaos. ~7 years later, I finally found my groove.
  • Ulysses • For writing/drafting anything and everything. It's used to capture the overwhelming majority of my written output.
  • Tot • Cross-device notes and scratchpad. Everything is synced across desktop/phone/tablet.
  • Things 3 • While Things 3 felt like a steeper investment years ago when originally purchased, it's long since paid for itself with the structure it's given me in ordinary task management and the frequency with which I use it (many times daily.)
  • Fantastical and Cardhop • For calendars and contacts, respectively. Both by Flexibits.
  • 1Password • To wrangle the chaos.
  • Alfred • For operating system navigation (and limited remote control). Snappier and more accurate (for my needs) than Spotlight.
  • Apple Music • I'm solidly on the fringe among those I know in preferring it for music/playlist curation.
  • Spotify • On rarer occasions, particularly for music/playlist discovery.
  • Songshift • A fabulous tool I discovered years ago that can synchronize selected playlists between Apple Music and Spotify. Great for sharing out playlists I've made in Apple Music to friends on Spotify or for integrating discovered playlists/stations from Spotify into my media flow.
  • Lightroom and Apple Photos • For photo management and fine-tuning.


  • Make, Zapier, and and • For automating the occasional thing.
  • Hey • Which brings sanity to my e-mail inbox (which ultimately ingests from legacy addresses and Google Workspaces.)
  • Glass • A charming and focused photo-oriented social network that I've thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes described as what Instagram was like in the earlier days (focused on photo sharing.)


  • 2018 MacBook Pro 15” • My main personal workhorse. Likely to get replaced at some point in 2023 (by what, nobody knows. The new Mini's do look promising, though...)
  • HP Z27 • 4k display with lines to die for.
  • Nuphy Air 75 or Logitech MX Keys • Depending on the day.
  • Logitech MX Master 3s • For clicking on things, accept no substitute.
  • Tomtoc Bags • I don't recall how or where I first came across them, but I've come to love bags by TomToc, particularly in how they finely shape their laptop/device bags to the device they carry.
  • Sony a6400 Mirrorless • For capturing the moment. Supported by a Viltrox 13mm f/1.4, a (ridiculously sharp) Sigma 40mm f/1.4, and a Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 Mk. II.

Analog instrumentation