Accordingly, I can accept I'm never going to make it through the list in any meaningful way. It's unfortunate, but anything I need to see will indeed find its way in front of me again eventually. Right?

The real tragedy is that I'll try sincerely to sift through it from time to time. In re-reading everything, I'll find a desire to re-bookmark many of the items again. Likely losing them to an even-deeper void from whence I'll never (really) try to retrieve anything. Let's be honest.

So, what do? I've gone with the "rip off the band-aid" approach. Nuke the list from orbit and move forward with a fresh slate.

The initial thought was to parse through the list quickly in one big go. It takes 3-4 seconds to remove each link one by one... but a few minutes in, I could tell I'd regret this use of time. And that was my only option, shy of removing them all at once. (Really, those are the only options. One at a time or en masse. 🤷)

If anything, Google is my friend, and I can re-discover the true gems later on. Sometimes you have to start from scratch to make sense of the chaos behind you. Better still: realizing most of it didn't matter as much as you thought in the first place.

Discovery is the fun part, anyway...

The link has been copied!